Attack of the Birds

I work an 8-5 job, so the “ideal” picture taking times are hard for me on the weekdays. Especially during the winter because you know…it’s dark.

However, Thursday, I thought I might get lucky enough to catch the last bit of sunlight to take pictures of these ducks at the local park my parents live by.

As I got to the park and started out of my car, I could hear the geese honking. I could see a few of them too. I knew they were used to getting fed, even though they are not suppose to.

As I walked up to the fence, the honks grew louder, and I am so glad my camera was ready because they all swarmed toward me. 🦆🦆🦆

It was an attack!!!

They must of thought I had food.

I most definitely did not think to bring food.

Please don’t hurt me. I was wondering if they would actually jump the fence.

Eventually they realized I did not have food, and they started to calm down.

And before it got too cold and dark (I was still in my office clothes) I was able to capture these fun photos.

A goose waddle.

Hey!! I’m trying to sleep!

I see you. 😋


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